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Digital Signage Melbourne is your specialist provider of integrated technology for your signage and media display to reach-out, engage and communicate with your target audience.   

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commbox_chatswood-chaseInteractive TouchScreens

CommBox Interactive LED Touchscreens incorporate the latest in LED display and multi touch technologies; used in infinite multimedia applications, such as classrooms, boardrooms, lecture theatres, collaborative video conferencing, Digital Signage and much more.


  • Commercial grade High-definition  LED panels
  • 4mm high tempered glass (toughened)
  • Choose high gloss or non-glare glass
  • Multi touch technology with gesture recognition
  • Sleek slimline design
  • Choice of colours (Colour matching available)
  • Fast response


BrightSign’s range of product line delivers unsurpassed performance.  Its dynamic technology and powerful capabilities helps you to engage your audiences’ attention and add absolute quality to your digital signage presentations

movie-theatre-promotions-lsEasy to use BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor is a PC software application for BrightSign that makes creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations simple and dependable.