A Total Video-Wall Solution for any Business Environment.

Samsung diverse video wall product range offers various sizes, dimensions and modifications to serve a host of customer requirements.

Users can select the screen parameters, bezel width and brightness that will bring out the best in their featured messaging while simultaneously adhering to a slim and light-weight composition. Whatever the configuration, all of Samsung’s video walls are easy to install and maintain.

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Samsung Video Wall Display

Foster an immersive, near-seamless viewing experience.



  • Available in 46″ & 55″
  • Narrow Bezel – yield a seamless picture across multiple screens.
  • Enhanced Uniformity – high-performing uniform brightness and colour throughout multiple displays.
  • Easy Installation – ensure easy installation with user friendly special wall mounts.
  • Non-Glare – discover heightened image visibility and information readability under light.
  • Mobile Calibration – provide a quick and easy video wall calibration through a mobile camera.
  • ISTA-Certified Package – ensure safer delivery with new package tested in ISTA-certified laboratory.