Digital Signage for Public Spaces

Digital signage for public spaces such as bus-stops & interchange, train stations, waiting areas, museums, art centres etc. is a great platform for sharing important information. Whether they are waiting, walking, lounging, chilling, lying down, sitting, or running to the bus, with a digital signage display in the right place they can no longer ignore you.

When people are on the go all the time, semi-outdoor or outdoor digital signage in public spaces can get the message out and visible, in a quick and efficient manner.


Here are just some of the notable examples:

Locating Missing Persons activating digital bus shelters and billboards in metropolitan area, focusing on missing person cases by posting their photos and places last seen.

Manhunt activating digital billboards as part of the manhunt by the department of police.

Importance / Emergency Notices  – change of rules & regulations / request for information / fire emergency etc.

Health Message – “ smoking kills or cause cancer”.

Election Message – “remember to vote”.

Wayfinding – “nearest dental clinic “.

Location & Demographic-Based Campaigns – “remember to vaccinate your child this month”.