The BrightSign Network is an affordable and scalable subscription-based hosted service. It provides complete infrastructure to serve and support your digital signage network.

BrightSign Network includes new tagging features which streamlines content management and playlist creation for highly targeted playback. Content Encryption is a new option to BrightSign Network subscriptions designed to ensure the security of content both in the cloud and on players is fully protected. All BrightSign Network accounts are user-accessible through two free applications: BrightAuthor, a free PC software application, and the BrightSign Network Web UI, a cloud-based application accessible from any browser.


  • Complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your digital signage network
  • Ease of hosting and maintaining your own network
  • Reliable security using standard web technologies
  • Ideal for any size network


  • Create, schedule and distribute presentations with ease using BrightAuthor and/or the BrightSign Network Web UI
  • BrightPlates™
    • Online template-based sign creation service that connects to your BrightSign Network account
    • Allows you to access content for template customization
    • Publish BrightPlates presentations to network groups of 4K, XD and HD players
  • Tagging
    • Assign tags to media files and players
    • Build tagged playlists based on media tag criteria
    • Match media tags to player tags for highly targeted playback
  • Optional Content Encryption Service
    • Encrypt the entire content library on your BrightSign Network account to ensure complete security both in the cloud and on players
    • Uses the AES128 encryption format


  • Monitor the activity and status of displays
  • Perform maintenance tasks, diagnostics & generate reports based on player tag queries
  • Perform Geo–tagging to map the locations of players and cross-reference with playback logs
  • Create groups and manage networked players
  • Perform network administrator functions
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Optional BrightSign Network Monitor Only Service which restricts your BrightSign Network subscription to a view only solution
    • View only access to see network health
    • Charges a fee for all content updates made via BrightSign Network or BrightPlates


Access your BrightSign Network account through two free applications:

  • BrightAuthor
    • A PC-based software application
    • Connects to BrightSign Network to perform network management and monitoring capabilities based on user assigned permissions
    • Provides full access to all presentation creation features
    • Supports presentation uploading to BrightSign Network as well as publishing and scheduling
  • BrightSign Network Web UI
    • Browser-based user interface – accessible from any Internet-connected PC or Mac
    • Provides user-assigned access to your BrightSign Network account
    • Schedule presentations, create basic looping playlists and feeds
    • Manage and monitor networked units
    • Create user accounts and set user roles and permissions


  • All LS, XD, HD and XT models


  • Free Local Network Publishing
  • Free Simple File Networking
  • BrightPlates™
  • BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition