NEC Live is a suite of Windows-based applications that allow you to create compelling content, then schedule and distribute that content across small or large scale networks of display panels. The individual product elements of NEC Live are:

  • NEC Live Artist – content creation
  • NEC Live Communicate – content distribution
  • NEC Live Player – for content playback at the chosen location
  • NEC Live Update –  to refresh the players scheduled content at a chosen location
  • NEC Live Enterprise – for keeping track of what is happening in your Digital Signage network.

NEC Live Artist
Artist enables you to create movies consisting of one or more scenes which contain text, pictures; video and external data feeds such as RSS feeds for scheduling and playback.

Creating a movie in Artist is simply a drag and drop experience with advanced special effects, including the integration of information from Company Information Systems to enhance the ability to gain the attention of your target audience.

You can preview the movie within Artist before distributing it so the creator has complete confidence in seeing how the message will be delivered.

NEC Live Communicate
Communicate takes care of the tedious job of updating the movies/content at remote or local clients. It also ensures that only updated/new content is sent reducing the network traffic requirements.

NEC Live Player
Player runs on the media player at each location and ensures that the schedule(s) created and the corresponding content for that schedule is played out.

NEC Live Update
Update is located on the same PC as NEC Live Player and will regularly check your preferred network location for content updates. Once an update is identified, Update will download the changed contents and ensure that NEC Live Player loads the new scheduled content.

NEC Live Enterprise
Enterprise is a database application which all NEC Live software is configured to talk to when Enterprise has been installed. It reports what content has been played including when and where. It keeps track of all your hardware and software status, users and even customers.