BenQ Corporate Interactive Display

BenQ Corporate Interactive Displays are designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the modern meeting room and help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely. It allows for extended, seamless team collaboration, stimulating more innovative ideas and is perfect for fostering collaboration then turning your creativities from abstract to real. BenQ Corporate Interactive Display is the beginning of infinite possibilities.

BenQ Education Interactive Display

BenQ 4K UHD education interactive flat panel display – the new smart board features a proven germ resistant screen, the friendliest digital whiteboard and collaboration tools – EZWrite and the wireless screen mirroring and casting app – InstaShare to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into classrooms. Acts as the best companion for blended learning, STEAM and Project Based Learning.

BenQ Museum Exhibition Display

Museums are a place of exploration and discovery. To capture an audience, especially a young one, an inspiring atmosphere must take hold of the visitors. BenQ is dedicated to helping people see the world as it truly is. With a BlueCore Laser Projector, massive images can be delivered with long-lasting superior image quality through maintenance-free operation. Double-Sided Signage is able to catch visitors coming and going from every angle, and Colour Management Monitors provide honest-to-life colours and moments from around the globe.