Project a Professional Image

Your LFD can be your first point of contact with your audience, and the Samsung SyncMaster 400/460UXn-UD is sure to leave a good impression. The eye-catching design houses a powerful, high resolution display that’s capable of producing largerthan- life images. Plus, with increased connectivity and networking capabilities, the LFD can grow with your business.

Ultra Versatile Display

Transform your LFD into an interactive multi-display screen with the click of a mouse. Or, use the installation kit to set up a spectacular media art wall with up to 250 displays! And with the gigapixel display, your LFD does not require additional hardware or a graphics card to produce ultra high resolution images.

Eye-Catching Design

Capturing your audience’s attention is critical. That begins with the LFD’s eye-catching images but extends to its sleek, sophisticated designed. At 11mm, the ultra-slim, metal-finished bezel of the LFD will be sure to catch anyone’s attention—even when it’s turned off.

Easy Installation

The “Lego brick” design of the UXn allows for quick and easy installation without hiring any outside help. So regardless of how complex your configuration, the UXn can be easily installed to create a high-impact visual expression.

Various Installation Methods

Whether the ideal image orientation is vertical or horizontal, the Samsung UXn LFD can be configured to best suit your needs. With the UXn, your configuration options are virtually limitless. Feel free to experiment and discover new configurations that will grab the attention of your audience.

Wide Connectivity Options

The LFD delivers an increased amount of versatility with its wide variety of connectivity options. From PC to Video inputs, to a convenient remote control, your LFD has the ability to expand with your business needs.

Stunning, High-Quality Images

Designed with performance in mind, the Samsung LFD is built with the Samsung DID panel and its unique DNIe technology, allowing it to produce crisp, clear images under any lighting condition. And with a brightness level of 700cd/m2 and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, the Samsung LFD will produce large-than-life images from any angle.

Highly Reliable

Samsung’s LFDs are designed to last. The LFDs come fully quipped with special protective features such as temperature sensors and fans to defend against overheating and powerful antiimage retention features to prevent burnt in images.

Multi-Display Screen

The multi-display screen (MDC) program enables you to control a variety of different sources through the built-in RS-232C interface. So connecting your Samsung LFD to devices such as a network of PCs allows for an easy exchange of data and information.

Long Cable Compensation

Available with an analog cable compensation of up to 100m, the Samsung LFD can be placed in almost any position.

Intelligent Power Saving

Samsung’s unique Dynamic Contrast (DC) technology greatly reduces power consumption across the entire network, lowering your overall cost of operation.