The Power of Touchtech Lima

Increase Brand Perception


by presenting with visual content, turning ordinary presentations, brochures, images, websites and more into captivating, interactive experiences.

Interact by communicating ideas, not slides!  

You learn faster when you’re involved , communicating ideas and develop an interest in the information you are presented. Everyone should be engaged. Touchtech Lima enables this through collaborative interaction.

More opportunities through promotion…

Showcasing your brand, your message and your products effectively with Touchtech Lima. This fantastic touch screen software offers a unique experience for everyone. Explore all your products, services and connect with your brand in spectacular fashion.

Introducing – Touchtech Lima

Touchtech Lima is a premium multi-touch software solution. It is designed for multi-touch table and wall displays to create interactive presentations using your existing files (pictures, videos, and documents etc). Touchtech Lima makes interacting with your digital content fun and easy for everyone!

Attract and Present

Impress your audience with unforgettable presentations by creating some audio around your presentation and make your message visible. Touchtech Lima is the perfect solution to attract and intrigue your audience at any event.


Touchtech Lima encourages your audience to be involved. Anyone can manipulate your content using the tips of their fingers. Showcase to a larger crowd by flicking content to a secondary display (e.g. projector). Create that “Wow!” experience your audience will never forget.


Touchtech Lima enhances the social user experience. Make your information accessible and engaging to everyone. It enables a group of users to interact with your content on the same multi-touch display and all at the same time.


Be more efficient! Multi-user interaction is ideal for collaborative group work such as workshops, planning and brainstorming. Touchtech Lima is a fast and fun way to interact and share your ideas with your colleagues and clients.

Share and Collaborate

Make Your Information Engaging and Accessible in any Social Environment.