samsung-logo has developed four editions of MagicInfo, each tailored to the needs of different users running different display systems:

MagicInfo Lite          MagicInfo Premium S        MagicInfo Premium I         MagicInfo Videowall.

  • MagicInfo™ Lite

    MagicInfo™ Lite is ideal for standalone devices or smaller networked systems that are used to display pre-built media content.

    • Comes standard with all SSSP-supported Samsung displays
    • Plug and play content through the intuitive embedded media player
    • Play videos (MP4, WMV), images (JPG), PowerPoint, and audio files without requiring external file conversion
    • Schedule content remotely through a network using MagicInfo Server
  • MagicInfo™ Premium S

    Optimized for small and medium-sized businesses, the embedded MagicInfo™ Premium S enables you to create, schedule and play content as well as perform basic network and device management tasks.

    • Supports integrated system-on-chip operation (no extra SBB required)
    • ‘Standalone mode’ for operating without web connectivity
    • ‘Network mode’ for remotely monitoring and controlling displays from a central location through web
    • Create and schedule content easily and intuitively with MagicInfo Author
    • Supports various video and audio codecs without requiring an additional external media player
    • Related Product Series : PE, ME, MD, UD, UE DB, DM, DH
  •  MagicInfo™ Premium i

    MagicInfo™ Premium i allows you to perform content creation and system management through an expanded Windows-based version of MagicInfo™. When paired with a MagicInfo™ Server, MagicInfo™ Premium i supports database integration and mobile management, as well as remote content scheduling and playback.

    • Manage display system from a remote, centralized location
    • Monitor devices and mange content via smart phone application
    • Utilize hierarchical management structure that enables a master manager to monitor and support local centers
    • Supports database connectivity for dynamic information display at a scheduled time
    • Display complex content by connecting to LFDs through additional Setback Box (SBB) or Plug-in Module (PIM) hardware
  •  MagicInfo™ Video Wall

    MagicInfo™ Video Wall facilitates the installation and management of vivid, large-scale, dynamic video wall displays.

    • Network and synchronize a large number of displays : maximum 16 displays with MagicInfo Video Wall S, maximum 250 displays with MagicInfo Video Wall i
    • Supports creative video wall layout, including the option to tilt screen orientation and combine displays of different sizes and shapes
    • Create and display content from various source formats (PC, DVI, etc.)
    • Register, configure and monitor display units from a remote control center