Businesses can now produce in-house digital signage at a fraction of the cost. MagicInfo’s powerful authorship tools and easy-to-use content management system enable users to provide their customers with a compelling, custom-built media experience.

Small Businesses

A young woman has finally saved enough money to open her own interior design store in a hip urban neighborhood, but she needs to compete for customer attention with the other flashy businesses that line the street. She buys a Samsung display and uses MagicInfo Premium S to design digital signage that represents her creative style. As the business’ sole employee, she appreciates Samsung’s intuitive display management tools and easy content creation software because they reduce the number of things she has to worry about, making it easier to lead a more balanced life outside of work.

Service-Oriented Businesses

A local hospital succeeds in funding a new state-of-the-art cancer ward that will save thousands of lives every year. To publicize this important improvement, the hospital buys ten Samsung displays, which serve to both promote the new ward and display an interactive touchscreen map of the hospital. The displays are networked and managed remotely using MagicInfo Premium i. This system will save money by minimizing the amount of time required to update the content on the displays. This system will save money by minimizing the amount of time required to update the content on the displays.

Franchised Businesses

A fast food franchise has experienced robust growth over the last two years, expanding from 75 to 250 locations all around the country. Not wanting to dilute their brand identity, they decide to include Samsung display technology in their franchise package. Now, they are able to manage franchise-wide media and menu content from a single, centralized control hub, reducing overhead and improving service. They use this to deliver targeted, time-appropriate menu promotions that increase sales across the entire franchise network.

Large Corporations

An airport that used to mainly serve regional traffic has completed a major renovation and expansion campaign, and now it is positioned to become a major international hub. The airport administration purchases a Samsung video wall to show the world that they are a serious contender on the international stage. The airport requests a dynamic, asymmetrical layout for the video wall to really draw travelers’ attention. MagicInfo Video Wall makes it possible for them to realize their vision by supporting creative display orientations and reducing maintenance overhead.